The Benefits You get from a Hollard Funeral Plan

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A Hollard Funeral plan brings more to the table than simple ease of the application process the hassle free method of claiming. It has some the insurance industry’s best thought out benefits package. The Hollard Funeral Plan is the keystone of Hollard Funeral and as a wise man once said “it’s the benefits that make a relationship work”.

The following are the huge amounts of benefits that you as a policy holder are eligible for:

•    A prompt cash pay-out of up to R50 000

•    No medical testing required (including those of H.I.V tests)

•    Optional cover for both your spouse and your children

•    6% annual benefit increase to keep pace with rising inflation

•    Optional Vehicle Access gives you access to a vehicle to assist in the funeral planning process

•    A lump sum pay back benefit whereby up to 1 year’s premiums are paid back every 5 years regardless of whether or not you claimed

•    Optional cover for your parents should they be under the age of 76 years

•    The optional Memorial Benefit that assists in paying for the costs associated with the unveiling ceremony

•    Hollard Groceries Plan pays out a fixed amount for a year to assist in sharing the burden of groceries and other vital household bills

These are just some of the benefits that you will receive with the signing up of a Hollard Funeral Plan. In additional to these very tangible benefits that assist you financially deal with the loss of a loved one, there are also the substantial benefits of great customer service and prompt processing of your application and claims.
For the finest in funeral policies from one of the best insurance providers of the world today, contact Hollard Funeral now and learn more about the benefits and how much you can gain from them.

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